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Fire Curtain Delivery Time


Posted September 29, 2016

What is the delivery time for a fire curtain? It can be as quick as 4-5 weeks however most jobs are longer due to design approvals.

Fire and smoke curtains are flexible fire and smoke barriers used to compartment buildings. They could be installed within a building to protect small or very large openings. Due to the varying size and complexity of the designs, every fire curtain and smoke curtain is custom made for each project – they are not ready made or available from stock.

How long does it take to manufacture a fire curtain or smoke curtain?

Usually it takes 5-6 weeks to manufacture a fire curtain or smoke curtain from the time that all required design information is approved to issue to production. Sometimes it may be possible for this to be quicker, however it would require all of the below items to be in stock and available at the time of issue into production:

  • All metalwork components for that particular box design to be in stock. Each box design has approximately 12-20 components and there are approximately 40 different box designs within the “standard range”
  • Availability of motors or whether these need to be built. There are 16 different motor types.
  • Availability of standard controls. If optional control features are specified this often means that a specific control panel needs to be built
  • Availability of the right fabric. We offer 9 different fabrics for the different products offered

Can I get my curtains locally made in Australia?

Some fire curtain and smoke curtain systems can be made in Australia. Currently Greene Fire manufactures the following Coopers Fire products under licence from our Sydney facility:

The following can not be made locally in Australia at this time:

Very few of our competitors offer products manufactured in Australia and most fire curtains and smoke curtains are still imported into Australia. Usually these are imported from Europe on long lead times.

How can I get my curtains into production and how long does that take

Sometimes the questions is “how long is a piece of string?”. Each project is different and the scope of works will determine which of the below are required and who has responsibility to confirm each item. The normal steps for a project are:

  1. Order is accepted
  2. Design meeting on site to confirm scope and intent
  3. Site survey is undertaken to check the architectural design
  4. Shop drawings are produced for approval
  5. Draft manufacture documents are prepared
  6. Shop drawings are approved
  7. Possible final site measure and confirmation depending on shop drawing approvals and comments
  8. Final manufacture documents are issued to production

We usually find that most of our projects require Greene Fire to take responsibility for the design and size confirmations on site. This will mean that the majority of the above process will need to be completed. As a rough guide this often takes about 4 weeks to complete. That is, 2 weeks for design preparation and 2 weeks for design approval.

Sometimes it can take much longer than this to get to an acceptable set of manufacture documents to issue to production. This can be the case where drawing approvals need multiple companies to review and sign off.

What about delivery to site

For product manufactured in Australia, the time to deliver to site can be from 1 day (Sydney) up to 7-10 days (Perth). Usually for projects in Melbourne and Brisbane it takes 2-3 days to deliver.

Where the fire curtains and smoke curtains are manufactured overseas the delivery times are normally 7-10 days for air freight and 6-8 weeks for sea freight. Air freight is often much more expensive than sea freight however can be a necessary evil for some projects.

Add this up for delivery time from point of order

Looking at standard delivery and procurement the delivery times are below:

  • 2 weeks design
  • 2 weeks design approval
  • 5-6 weeks manufacture

So this means that – depending on where the fire curtains and smoke curtains are required to be manufactured and how they are delivered will result in the below standard minimum delivery times from point of order:

  • 9-11 weeks for local manufacture
  • 10 – 12 weeks for delivery by air freight
  • 15-18 weeks for delivery by sea freight

This is too long, I need delivery and installation faster

We are often asked, “How quickly can I get these curtains? My completion date is in 4 weeks time.” This is possible.

The fastest be have completed a project is in under 2 weeks.

The sooner we have confirmation of sizes and design to issue to production the sooner we can deliver. Through site design meetings and standard drawing approvals it is possible to issue manufacture documents to production within 2-3 days of order. This requires a motivated customer who is willing to share responsibility of the sizes that the fire curtains and smoke curtains will be produced. As advised above, it is possible to manufacture faster than 5-6 weeks, however this needs to be checked with Greene Fire at the time of placing the order.

Large, complicated or bespoke orders

If there are large quantities of fire curtains or smoke curtains required as part of the order, this can take longer to manufacture. If all fire curtains are required at the same time, the production time can increase from the standard 5-6 weeks out to 10-12 weeks. We always work to minimise delivery times as much as possible and may be able to deliver in smaller consignments to keep up with construction programmes and site progress.

As mentioned previously there are approximately 40 different product designs within the “standard range”, however we are also producing project specific designs from time to time. When a project specific or bespoke requirement exists, this increases the design and production times. Depending on the complexity, design times can be as long as 9-12 months if R&D and testing is required. Likewise, production time usually increases to 8-10 weeks at a minimum for bespoke designs.

If you are considering wanting to amend the standard product offerings or have a requirement for something bespoke, contact your local Business Development Manager as early as possibly to ensure it is possible to deliver what you require within the time and budget that you have available. Our contacts page is on this link.

Some tips for procuring fire curtains and smoke curtains

  1. Check with Greene Fire when designing a project to make sure that the fire curtains can be procured within the amount of time that the builder will have to complete the building works
  2. Builders to order early. Often the contract value can be small compared to other trades, however the long lead times and complexity of coordination with trades means this is a package that should be considered early on.
  3. Organise a design meeting with associated trades within a week of letting the works to agree design constraints. This will reduce the number of design revisions and speed up procurement.
  4. Agree design dimensions as early as possible. Don’t always wait until walls and penetrations are cut for site measure confirmation. Put responsibility with those trades to build correctly to agreed dimensions and look to account for tolerances and additional build outs to make all agreed size dimensions work.
  5. Involve and engage Greene Fire as early as as possible to assist in managing this process to ensure all time frames are met and achievable.

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